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Have you planted your bee square? Thank you!

Now please tell us so we can add your square to the village map. 

Thanks for planting for the bees!

Bees matter.

Bees, and other pollinating insects, are essential to life as we know it. They are vital in pollinating the food we need to survive - vegetables, fruits, crops that feed our livestock - and in pollinating many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. Without them, mammals and birds would not have the seeds, berries or plants on which they depend. 


Bees have a big job to do.

But we've made it harder for them. They need a huge amount of energy to fly from their home to fields where they collect nectar and pollinate plants in the process. They frequently fly several miles, and need regular fuel stops en route.

Yet we have created huge towns in their flight paths, disrupting their world. Even in more rural areas such as this, modern gardening habits have depleted the bees'  back up of vital nectar-producing flowers.


Could we fill the village with colourful, nectar-rich re-fuelling spots?


What can we do?

 We need to introduce more bee-friendly plants at regular intervals around the area - which is where BEE SQUARED comes in.

It is an initiative that started in Hazlemere, South Bucks and is gathering momentum across the country - and we're excited to welcome it to Padbury!

If enough of us plant a square metre of nectar-rich flowers in our gardens, we'll make a real difference to these hard-working creatures - and in turn to all the wildlife on our doorstep. 

Look inside the Padbury Pump for your free packet of seeds, follow the instructions - and then please let us know via the form at the top of this page so we can add a fuel stop to the village map. Let's turn it yellow and black!

We can run this project thanks to the generosity of

Heart of Bucks Community Fund, Fox Covert, New Star Games and Climate Action Now Hazlemere

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