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The Greener Padbury Group is a voluntary group formed in Spring 2020, consisting of villagers and other interested individuals who share a concern for and interest in the local and global environment.


The group seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues, to inform, and to encourage action to promote sustainability, enhance biodiversity and minimise environmental impact. It welcomes involvement by anyone who is interested without regard to gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief and it supports and helps facilitate individual as well as community action towards a greener environment in our homes, our gardens, the village, and beyond.

Membership, Management and Function

The Group is open to anyone wishing to join. A core of members form a self-electing management committee. Regular meetings are held to discuss ideas, make decisions, review progress and to plan actions. Information about the Group's activities is shared through social media, through its website, and the local parish magazine (Padbury Pump). Promotional events (e.g. Padbury Greener Gardens weekend 2021) serve to raise awareness of the Group and its aims, as well as to allow villagers' views to be heard, and for fruitful dialogue as well as modest fund-raising. The Group seeks to work with local bodies (Padbury School, BBOWT, Padbury Parish Council etc.) to help promote its causes and offer mutual benefit.

Fundraising and Finance.

Funds are raised through promotional events, contributions from individuals, and through application to grant-giving bodies for support for specific projects. Funds raised are used solely for the purposes of promoting the Group's aims. There are three signatories to the Group bank account (Cassandra Rigg, Christina Mitchell and Sarah Morris).


Kas Gillie, Rachael Hine, Felicity Mallam, Robert Manasse, Christina Mitchell, Sarah Morris, Vicky Murray,  Lucy Read, Cassandra Rigg

The Greener Padbury Group is a Registered Charity: 1198965

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