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5 reasons to pick up a scythe (and we will teach you how!)

1. It's a balm for both body and soul: the rhythmic elements of scything mirror yoga and tai chi, promoting mindfulness, better breathwork and good sleep. Reconnecting with nature is the cherry on top.

2. It's friendlier to wildlife: leaving the noisy, fuel-guzzling machinery in the shed and getting to work with a simple blade is a win for wildlife - insects and larger animals have the chance to move away while mowing takes place

3. The flowers love it: scything is the key to flower-rich meadows. Managing grassland with the scythe gives you better control over when and where to cut, and it's easier to spread mowing over time which creates habitat diversity.

4. The sheer joy of a job well done - and done sociably and peacefully. Scything is already established in many nature reserves, and a popular part of any volunteer work party such as that at nearby Finemere Wood, described beautifully in this blog.

5. It's free! We don't get many chances to step off the hamster wheel, to spend several hours in a beautiful spot, learning an ancient craft. Book your space now!

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