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Calling all spare sunflowers (and any other surplus please!)

In our bid to make Padbury a more delightful space for its wildlife, we are planting up various spots in the village with biodiversity in mind.

First up, in the Main Street play area: you will see the makings of a sunflower den. We could ideally use quite a few more, so if you have any established sunflowers going spare, please feel very welcome to plant them in the gaps.

We'll also be planting up spots in the Blackbird car park and around the village and would be very grateful for donations: herbs, flowers, vegetable plants - anything you can spare will be very gladly received.

Please leave any plants in the corner of the Blackbird car park. If you could drop us a line - - to let us know you've done so, that would be even better. Alternatively, leave on doorstep of 7 Arnolds Close. Thank you for your support!

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