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Can you help us green the verges?

Many hands make light work!

Greener Padbury Group has agreed with the parish council that we work on boosting biodiversity in the village through our verges project. This includes planting for pollinators, creating shady damp areas for wildlife and planting wildflowers in verges. We're really excited about the potential of this - but we do need your help!

Are you free on any of the days below? Can you offer us an hour or more?

Saturday 1st July from 10.30am

Sunday 2nd July from 10.30am

Friday 7th July from 2pm

Saturday 8th July from 10.30am

Everyone is welcome. You do not need to have gardening experience to join - we will explain what needs to be done. It would be very helpful for our planning if we had an idea of manpower so please do click on the link to let us know you will be joining.

Please wear sturdy footwear, suitable gardening clothes and something to drink. We would appreciate your bringing any gardening tools - shears, trowel, etc.

Please meet at the Main Street Playground for 10.30 am on the Saturday dates (2pm on Friday 7 July) and we will make our way to that day's verge.

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