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Sunday 25th Sept: Breakfast and Biodiversity in the Woods

Our woodland activity days are not just about the kids: on Sunday 25th September we are running another 'Breakfast and Biodiversity' session which is planned with adults and teenagers in mind.

Please join us for an autumnal breakfast in the Millennium Woods and participate in a range of activities to learn about, observe and connect with its nature. The session runs from 9am to 12,30pm but please feel free to join as when you can.

·Join the Greener Padbury ‘Big Green Week’ FREE event

·Do your bit for biodiversity by observing, identifying, and recording what lives in Millennium Woods

·Try out some ‘Nature Art’ to help with identification

·Enjoy lots of tasty treats and refreshments

·Improve your wellbeing through nature connection

The session is suitable for both experts and complete novices, come and go as you wish (age advice 10 years and above). Julie Lloyd-Evans from Learning Without Walls and Robert from the Greener Padbury Group will facilitate the session.

Meet by the playground at 8.45 am.

To book or for more information contact Cassie:

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