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Twin your home with a birdhouse!

As part of our efforts to boost the biodiversity in the Millennium Woods, we are installing bird, bat and owl boxes - and we would love your support. Fancy "twinning" your house with one in the woods? We are asking the community to sponsor a birdhouse to help us cover the costs, and you'll know which one is yours as your house name will be proudly displayed on the front, welcoming its feathered family in!

But why can't the birds make their own nests? Mature trees in woodland provide habitats for nesting and roosting birds and bats. However, as the woodland was planted relatively recently and all at the same time, there is very little age structure with no old or veteran trees and the features they provide. Bat and bird boxes can therefore be installed to make up for this lack of habitat.

A generous villager has very kindly made some fabulous houses for us to get going with and we hope to get these installed in April. If you would like to give a bird family a helping hand for a sponsorship of £10, please follow the link below.

Thank you for your support.

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