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Bee Squared: Helping Padbury's Pollinators!

This month sees the launch of our new campaign: Bee Squared! We're distributing enough seed to grow 500 m2 of wildflowers on our doorstep - and we hope you'll be part of it!

Bees matter. They are essential to life as we know it - to the food both we and our wildlife neighbours depend on. They have a massive job to do, pollinating all these plants - and they need to stop regularly to re-fuel on nectar. However, with our towns, villages and modern gardens, we have made it more difficult for them. The result is that over the past 50 years, their number and that of other pollinating insects has declined significantly.

What the bees need are BEE SQUARES!

Can you help us fill the village with wildflower patches to help these hard-working creatures - and in turn give a boost to all the nature on our doorstep?

You will find in this month's Padbury Pump an envelope with enough seed to grow 1m2 in your garden, along with sowing instructions.

Please use the QR code on the envelope to let us know when you have planted your seeds so we can add a marker to our map. (This is a really important part of the campaign!)

Thank you!


If you cannot use your seeds, please give to a neighbour who can - or post into the 'returns' box provided by the Main Street playground gate and we can use elsewhere.

With thanks to Heart of Bucks Community Fund, New Star Games, Fox Covert Solar - and Climate Action Now (Hazlemere) for the inspiration.


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