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Garden Tree Giveaway: Order by 22 October!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Free native trees for small, medium or large gardens – funded by International Tree Foundation and local groups!

By planting a tree or a hedge in your garden you can make a very positive contribution to improving our environment. The right tree planted in the right place supports nature and the climate, whilst providing an attractive addition to the garden.

Oxfordshire Trees Collaborate is a partnership of community tree planting groups and supporting organisations working together to encourage appropriate tree planting in the county.

We have a variety of free saplings to give away for you to plant in your garden. In order to help you choose an appropriate tree, we have put together this simple garden tree guide. It offers practical considerations and planting guidelines as well as a seasonal photo guide to native species suitable for small, medium and large gardens (all of which are available through the giveaway but can also be purchased at low cost from local nurseries).

What will the trees be like? The trees are all native species and they will be in the form of ‘bare-root whips’ between 60-90 cm high.

How can I order my tree? Click here to order your tree. The final date for orders is 22 October.

How many trees can I order? Trees in the Garden Giveaway are limited to two per household.

How can I protect my tree? Each tree comes with a support cane spiral and a cane for protecting it from rabbit damage. Once planted it should ideally be mulched (see the Garden Tree Guide for more details)

How do I plant my tree? The Garden Tree Guide contains information and links to videos showing you how to plant and look after your tree. If you need help planting your tree, please email Tina Mitchell and we might be able to provide a volunteer to help you.

When should I plant my tree? The best time to plant a tree is between October and mid January (preferably before Christmas). As these trees are ‘bare roots’ they should be planted as soon as possible after receiving them.

How will I receive my tree? In November, you will receive an email detailing where in Padbury you can collect your trees.

Please contact Tina Mitchell 07443852059 or Sarah Morris 07514095650 for further information or to place your order.

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