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Going Wild beyond the woods!

One of Greener Padbury's key objectives is to help young people and their families access, understand and care for the nature on our doorstep - and we're now in our third year of the very popular Go Wild in the Woods. Our goal this year is to widen the reach and the impact of the programme by devoting some of the sessions to young environmental changemakers to take their ideas and learning out of the woods and into their community.

First up, the Eco Council at Padbury School! Julie had a great afternoon working with this motivated bunch, exploring the school grounds and discussing the biodiversity within - and how they can give it a helping hand. While constructing a magnificent bug hotel complete with drink stations, they shared ideas about how they can inspire the rest of the school to take action on climate and biodiversity. The bug hotel is a work in progress and the council have invited all pupils to add to it.

Ada, 10, says, 'I really enjoyed the afternoon we spent with Julie. We built a big bug hotel and learnt that the right habitats are so important for insects but that they also have to have a good food and water supply. We will be trying to make our school environment better for insects and I will be making sure the playground is clear of litter.'

If you are an eco warrior - or part of a group who want to make a big difference to the natural world - and would like to take part in a Go Wild for Change session, we'd love to hear from you: please email

We can run these sessions thanks to Gawcott Fields Community Solar.

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