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Village verges team in action!

The verge team volunteers were met with some great weather over the weekend of 13th and 14th April and it’s true what they say that many hands make light work.

A team of four replanted some lavenders on Main Street, where they were accidentally strimmed and a few other wildflowers such as-ox eye daisies and cowslips.

The replanting of the Sunflower Den in the playground was also on the hit list for Saturday and this time we’ve planted over 100 seeds with a further 70 plants being grown off site. We hope to make a bigger impact in 2024. 

Sunday saw the continuation of the better weather and our team of six had bit of tidying up in Lower Way (and plans for future planting hatched), and then we moved on to the ‘Gully’ on the A413 where we removed unwanted thugs such as an elder and some nettles and cut back grasses and exposed the previously planted ferns.

All together great work and many thanks to Margaret, Bhavani, Tina, Stan, Val, Alison, Sue, and Jean for their hard work and support.

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